Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour

Wherever you live, you have the right to live peacefully in your home and not be interrupted by others. 

Unfortunately anti-social behaviour (ASB) can have a big impact on our residents, homes and communities.
Our approach to ASB is to be 
‘reasonable and balanced’ in everything that we do. We expect everyone to be reasonable in their requests and balanced in their actions.  
This means:
  • It would be reasonable to expect additional cars in an area if someone was having a celebratory event and had friends around.  It would be appropriate if the person having friends around advised their guests where best to park and advised their immediate neighbours what their plans are.
  • It would be reasonable to expect noise to be made during the day from neighbours carrying out household chores and activities. It would be balanced to carry these out at different times if you are aware that neighbours are perhaps shift workers, working nights or have disabilities. Bringing forward your jobs would reduce the disturbance to your neighbours.  

What is the definition of anti-social behaviour

There are a number of definitions for ASB based around “acting in a manner that caused or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more people not of the same household”. This means that it allows interpretation – assessing how someone feels about how they have been affected by behaviour.    
Often a phrase that is heard in ASB is zero tolerance.  This is not necessarily applicable in every area of ASB.   A death, an illness, a relationship break down or other event could cause people to act unreasonably. We are reasonable in our approach, assessing the person’s situation and their behaviour before making any decisions or taking drastic action.
Zero tolerance is, however, applicable in situations where there have been serious crimes or tenancy breaches committed.  

We log and report on ASB under the following categories:

  • Alcohol related
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Drugs (dealing) 
  • Drugs (substance misuse)
  • Hate related incidents
  • Noise
  • Communal area nuisance
  • Garden nuisance
  • Pet and animal nuisance
  • Vehicle nuisance
  • Physical violence (other than domestic abuse)
  • Prostitution and sexual acts
  • Rubbish, Vandalism and damage to properties
  • Verbal abuse/ harassment/ intimidation and threatening behaviour.
These measures are taken from Housemark and by recording these types of ASB we are able to compare and report on ASB.