Your tenancy

Your tenancy

As a Raglan tenant, we want you to enjoy your home. There are a number of things you need to understand about your home and what your responsibilities are. 
As part of your tenancy agreement, you have a number of responsibilities including: 
  • To pay rent and service charges on time
  • To comply with your tenancy agreement
  • To report repairs promptly
  • To look after your home and garden
  • To keep the inside of your home in a good decorative order
  • To carry out any repairs that are your responsibility
  • Not to alter the property without our consent
  • To make sure your household, visitors or pets do not cause nuisance, harassment, or anti social behaviour to neighbours
  • To give us and our contractors access to carry out repairs
  • Keeping appointments made or giving us 24 hours notice
  • To leave your home and garden in good condition when you end your tenancy
  • To treat staff and contractors with respect

What are Raglan’s responsibilities?

  • Carry out repairs to your property that are our responsibility. For more information visit our repairs pages. 
  • Provide services in line with our published service standards
  • Keep the structure and exterior of your home in good repair
  • To provide you with a safe & decent home

What happens if I don’t comply with my tenancy agreement?

If you are in breach of your tenancy agreement, we will give you the opportunity to put things right. However, if there is no improvement in the situation we may take legal action against you which could result in us taking steps to end your tenancy and seeking possession of your home